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Our food is only as good as those who support us.

Much goes in to even the most simple event.

As a smaller business, our suppliers are of the utmost importance to us. We try to work with people who care about our business, and help us to provide the best ingredients and services possible. Our relationship with many of these companies goes back up to 20 years. Below is a list of some of the businesses in Toronto who we work with the most.

Chairman Mills

Chairman Mills has been our rental supplier for 20 years and consistently provides excellent service and prompt delivery.

The Butcher Shoppe

Quality service, good product selection, and prompt delivery keep us coming back to The Butcher Shoppe for many of our meat products.

Scheffler's Delicatessen

The outstanding selection of cured meats and cheeses at this family run operation helps us to keep our charcuterie and cheese platter offerings new and interesting.


With flexible delivery and unbeatable selection, Seacore is our primary seafood supplier. Being able to track the origin of product allows us to make informed purchasing decisions, and compliance with sustainable fishing regulations means we can proudly serve Seacore product.

Fresh Herbs by Daniel

Chefs all over the city love working with products from Daniel, and we are no different. Gorgeous lettuces and micro greens add a splash of colour and flavour improving any dish.

William Reid & Associates

We have worked with William Reid since they began as a company over 20 years ago, and with some of the staff even before then. In our opinion they are the finest staffing agency in the city, and consistently provide a remarkable level of service and professionalism.

Contemporary Furniture Rentals

When a client needs to fill an empty space with furniture, or is just looking for a hard to find look, CFR is always ready to help.

Divine Furniture Rental

Another outstanding company, Divine has helped us to create numerous stunning events in the past.